1. Welcome to Dynamicweb setup guide!

This guide will help you set up Dynamicweb for the first time.

  • Create files repository
  • Setup database
  • Configure license
  • Set administrator password

Download and read the installation guide from http://developer.dynamicweb-cms.com/

2. Create files repository

Your /Files is set up and ready to use...

This step will help setting up a files repository for storing images, documents and other files.

Create or attach /Files

Full path to files
I.e: c:\projects\dynamicweb\mysolution.dynamicweb-cms.com\files

3. Setup database

Your database is set up and ready to use...

Set up database to use or install a new Dynamicweb database.

Before you can complete this step, you need a blank database or an existing Dynamicweb database.

Choose your database type

Connection settings

Server I.e: tcp:w99echxnd1.database.windows.net,1433 I.e: localhost\SQLEXPRESS
Connection string
Server=myServerAddress;Database=myDataBase;User Id=myUsername;Password=myPassword;

4. Configure license

Choose your desired license. Choose the trial license if you do not have aquired a Dynamicweb license.

A trial license includes all features and modules in Dynamicweb and can be used for development, testing, education or demonstration, but cannot be used for live sites. A valid license must be purchased before going live with a site.

Trial license

All-in-one editions

Web & Ecommerce editions

Ecommerce Basic

License terms

5. Configure administrator

Specify a username and password for the administrator account.

User information

User name
Confirm password

6. Congratulations!

Setup is completed. Your Dynamicweb installation is now setup and ready to make awesome websites and Ecommerce solutions.

You are now ready to go. Click the button to start the administration of Dynamicweb and login with the user just created.